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Treat her like a lady

Reasonable Desires Pink Leah Lucky chair-Lingerie Eclectica 'Gathered Hearts' necklace & earringsSo …its almost Valentines days huh? What to do…what to do….Ive got a couple of things to show you incase you’re struggling for gift ideas. I was looking around for lingerie and Zan suggested I went over to Reasonable Desires…wow blast from the past, havent poked my snout in there for eons ! I headed over and much to my surprise found stacks of really inexpensive lingerie sets plus oooodles of lucky chairs hoooray! I won this “pink Leah” lingerie as soon as I arrived, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s just adorable, sets like this are also on sale inside the store and on the market place for around 50L …great value.

RD Lingerie eclectica jewelry_002

I added in a totally stunning jewelry set by Eclectica called “Gathered hearts”…(thanks Tiffy Vella !) I really love the brushed pearlised effect on the hearts…very sublte and classy. You can also change the textures on most parts, the main hearts, the little hearts , also the chains metal…makes this one super versatile collection. I’m wearing the larger more ornate ear rings…but in the pack is a slightly smaller pair incase that’s not your *thing*…it comes with a gorgeous bracelet also …I’m still wearing this now, with jeans and a blouse…so suitable for casual or glam wear. (If you like this collection, also take a peek at the “vintage hearts” set)

Reasonable Desires Lingerie Tamara 10L Eclectica 'Harikoa I' Fern Jewellery Set

Another set out from Electica is the ” ‘Harikoa I’ Fern Jewellery Set”..if youre looking for w-o-w it is. The stones are surrounded by fern fronds…heaps of them…and despite being ever so eye-catching it remains also delicate…not easy to achieve.

Eclectica 'Harikoa I' Fern Jewellery Set showing earring

You can change the stone colour via a simple menu, plus alter the tone of the metal…there are two sets in this range…the second set is more intricate and “showy”, I preferred the simpler lines of the first collection BUT…if you have both…they are totally interchangeable..brilliant ! This ‘Harikoa I’ Fern Jewellery Set comes complete with the necklace, earrings and also a fantastic dress ring. Check out the market place store for some top-notch photos and explanations of how they are made and work. Ohhhhhh btw…take a look at the tiara’s…to-die-for !

Eclectica main store

Eclectica market place store

Reasonable desires main store

Reasonable Desires market place store