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3 Shades Of Green(house).


Wow first day back after my little holiday (stayed in a cabin in the woods and the only scary thing was I had to do all the cooking) and look what I snagged by simply slapping the Group Update Board.  This is one which you don’t need to free up a group space for but if you want to join the VIP group, which is free, you may just get yourself a tasty little freebie in the future.

peri1I took all 3 pictures at different light settings, the last one is a normal SL midday setting, hence the title of 3 different shades, and in all shades this just looks great.  You can see the  lovely texturing and how well this greenhouse will fit on your plot of land. Best of all it’s perfectly proportioned to an average AV size.Peri11

Just to make it even nicer you get all these plants included. The greenhouse is 33 prims but that’s pretty damned good for something which is so sizeable and such quality.  The plants range in prim sizes from 25 to 5 (the aloe vera is pretty impressive and at 5 prims pretty prim friendly.

Funky Junk is the name of the shop and at the moment they are also in the Fifty Linden Friday which will probably be gone as soon as this is posted which is a shame because for 50Lds you get an old shabby chic door that has been converted into shelves.  Even if you’re not interested in either the FLF or the Greenhouse then come here for the great homes.

A lovely well laid out sim covered in beautiful homes for you to wander in and around. Some fresh designs and I particularly like the beach home on stilts and I so wish I had seen the “Wynter” home as soon as RL winter had started because with its frosted windows, gentle snowflakes effect and glowing fire this home is really so snuggly and at a bargain price of 549 very reasonably priced.

Funky Junk