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Reluctantly packed away the Lolas (just for a little while) and went on a bargain hunt for us flatties and as soon as I got this I was so please. A simple brown mesh dress with a lacy pattern over the top.  Sweet, simple and free.


Not the best of poses as you can see a little feathering at the top of the leg but that is the pose.  I still chose to use this photo because if you look closely you can see the dress fabric almost matches the bowl on the counter behind me and that made me giggle.  What can I say apart from yet another sweet simple, mesh romper in pink floral and another great hunt item, WomenStuff and your looking for 2 little pink shirts and so easy to find in this shop.  It i’s a small shop which is a shame because it has sweet, well textured, wearable and BARGAIN PRICED clothes.   Well worth a visit.

Drat make sure you join the free group and grab those shoes on offer. I’ve not had a chance to try them on but from the picture alone they look like a perfect floral match for the cute outfit above.