I sneaked in…

kusshon Yes I did..why should the guys have all the groovy & great stuff? ! The Mens Dept is fast becoming a regular trip for me, they have goodies and gadgets and deeelicious stuffs ! Plus..its always chock-a-block with scrummy blokes.. This round one of my all time fav furniture makers has something fahhhbulous on offer, it’s the “nippon” writing desk set. kusshon writing desk set nippon Retro styling doesn’t come much better than this to be honest, the box is packed with goodies…naturally the sleek desk, a stool that has some sooper lovely poses in it (male & female yay!),and all the desk accessories – all that for only 150L… plus you can also purchase the three framed prints anddd the overhead shelf …


I was trying out the poses, I’m curious like that…and realised that there were also some wearable props…how neat! Mesh pen for the writing animation and a cup of coffee and magazine for the reading one…totally unisex and low in prims..means this little gem has won its place in my SL home…thanks Beolas <3

The Mens Dept (for the nippon set)

[kusshon] (mainstore for all the other scrummy things)

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