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The High Life

LUXE Paris Ruby Nuage Evening Gown

I don’t often wear gowns, or get much of a chance too…so when I received this package from LUXE Paris I was really thrilled…its luxurious…and sensual..and the flexi parts of the skirt move like fairy dust as you move…I dont wear much flexi these days…but THIS…is different…obviously  alot of thought has gone into making it move as realistically as it would in real it swaysss…and twirls….but not too much ! You also get the stunning fur stole, which is ever so glamorous! Gorgeous deep burgundy red, perfect for the season…I popped over to the store to take a peek at the new additions…if youre into dressing up…you’ll love it ! Thanks Paris ❤

LUXE Paris

LUXE Pais market place store