How to faint with excitement….in one easy step

Trompe Loeil - Advent Calendar 2012

So, I adore Christmas time…and I get pretty frenzied with excitement in general…I was 50% or thereabout pumped with Festive cheer on the 1st December..and then…I went to the Arcade Christmas gatcha event…ohnoesssss! I found this little gem by Trompe Loeil the “Advent Calendar 2012”, isn’t it pretty? Not only is it free should you want to just hang it up in your home as decor but…and this is the amazing super terrific clever part…listen hard…listening? Alright..the gatcha machine sells little keys…only 25L a pop…the keys are numbered to correspond with the calendars doors…I had a go and got key one and key 12….and you know what? I was actually TOO excited to use them for about an hour !!! Seriously…eventually…I decided I could wait no more…rezzed key one…the little door on the calendar swung open to reveal my gift *gasp*…and then I was sent the item….ohmaiii….I quickly fumbled around for my second key…rezzed it…door swung open to show me my second prize ! I thought Id faint with pleasure..the gifts were divine…and I’ve got ten more keys to go ! Ive kept the doors on my calendar closed , so not to spoil the surprise for you…but they look awfully sweet open…you can also use the keys for decoration alongside …sooperdooper awesomeness…my favourite thing ever ! Please make sure you read the instruction note that comes with it…its verrrrry important so you don’t loose prizes etc…have fun !

The Arcade

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