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Chrismassy !

It’s no secret that I get a bit overly festive between November to December 25th…and this year is no different. Second Life’s creators are feeding my frenzy of excitement with some amazing new releases in the decor department ! Cleo Design is participating in the “Home For Christmas Hunt” and above is the gift you can find . Its traditional and snuggly…with single poses and couples..the oversized chair is perfect for settling down beside the roaring fire in…touch the shadow underneath for some colour change choices too ! You also receive the little side table complete with steaming mugs of cocoa & biscuits..the lammp is soooo pretty, ohhh mustn’t forget the jolly wreath !

SUYS – Spruce Up Your Space…is in full swing and Cleo Design has this utterly to-die-for set out called “A Night In Paris”…I was so thrilled when I opened it all up. Not only is it the perfect colour for my new home but..its just absolutely stunning…the chaise has a faded design, old pictures of Paris on the cushions…I just adore the fat tassels on the arms that dangle down…and and and ohhhh the side table…with two glasses of wine..a single cigarette ([probably a Gauloise no?) burning in it…the lamp is made of rose petals. You also get the framed prints…the floor cushions…the pretty screen and the lilies in a vase…

I kicked my shoes off and had a lounge for a while (the shoes you see on the floor are included in the set btw…cool huh?!) Totally lovely…SO romantic…treat yourself…

One last bit of info…Cleo Design is also in the Royal Living Great outdoors Hunt…and there is a gorgeous Winter Garden up for grabs…its pretty big…so Im showing an interior shot on the lounger (there’s also two chairs), it’s a wintery greenhouse, stuffed with green plants…very pretty ! Btw..check out the two new gatha machines at the store …one is naughty, one is nice…and seriously…get the naughty one ! It made me laugh and laugh ! Thanks Cleom ❤

Cleo Design

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Stuck at a Motel

I have such a beautiful complete outfit to show you from SF Design…it deserved a great location to show you it…and after a few false starts I think I found it. Do you recognise the motel? Have a little think about it…rummage about in your memory for a really famous Motel. “Ms Chevia” is the outfit…its so retro…and chiq. Various colours but I just adored this dark cherry red…

It comes complete with the fascinator hat, the peep toe heels, belt and bolero…and of course that classy little dress ! Any guesses yet where I am? Biggg clue is I’m holding a suitcase…and trying to leave ….

Last photo surely must know it now right? Ohhhh cmon…its Bates Motel ! It’s a wonderful spot to explore…apparently there is a drive in movie theatre down the road that shows films hurrah! I snooped in all the rooms and they are very well furnished , faithful to the era of that movie…  Kinda creepy but FUN at the same time…anyyyywayyyy…back on track..Ms Chevia is out…for the whole package its 500L…steal ! Thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

Bates Motel

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The Knitting Circle Rummage Sale (non mesh)

Wandering around I came across a small market set up.  This is what the LM says and it’s exactly what you get “Discount and retired items from your favorite Knitting Circle stores. Gacha doubles and other random treasures can also be found at this group rummage sale.” Some great bargains to be had.

First up a very handy shrug (Riddle).  Again I chose the safe brown but at 25Lds a colour you can get as many as you like at that bargain price.

Ana is the name of the top and PaperDoll is the name of the shop.  I chose the cream which is pretty but hasn’t photographed as well as either the pool (blue) or the Mauve would have.  Doesn’t matter because it only looks pale in this photo in SL it’s lovely lacy and creamy.  At 25Lds I’m grabbing the lot.

Grixdale Vintage Frock is the name of this item. More top than Frock.  A sweet creamy full skirted top with lovely satin/ribbon edging and prim bows.  This shop is called Aura.

OK summing up this market its stuffed with BARGAINS and as far as I can tell all NON MESH ones at that. Because as I always say not everyone can handle mesh and maybe even doesn’t want to. We all need non mesh clothes for those times when our comps are struggling to cope with SL and this is the place.  Kicking myself for the library fines because I can see at least 3 dresses which are soooo sweet!! and so cheap. In a relatively small area they have everything you need from hair, skin, shoes and clothes and all at great prices.

List of shops here. Atomic, Pink Fuel, Ploom, Riddle, Aura,Paperdoll.

The Knitting Circle

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Monday Mania & Peplum tee’s

Happy Monday ! Some great news today from SF Design…there is a dash of bright & shiny newness…Ive been *bothering* Swaffette about a meshy type top with a colour change HUD…the guys got what about the chicks! Welllllllllllllllllllll she’s made one and its a corker…”the peplum tee” is just divine…check outt the intricate pattern on the lace fabric…and the fantastic shape of the peplum…the creases and shading are brilliant ! But but but…what I like soooo much comes with a HUD , so you can change its colour…and theres oooodles of colours to choose from…*happy sigh*…I especially love this red, charming tone and so good for Winter, the crisp white is also another fav…thanks Swaffette ❤

As its Monday…we are also treated to a Monday Mania bargain…and this week its the Kurta outfit…mmhmm you heard correctly..a whole outfit for the bargain price of 25L ! You get a fabbo pair of trousers in a dark denim twill type fabric…cant actually believe these aren’t mesh? The prim cuffs are So well done..they just look seamless…you also have a white shirt…or you can wear the shirt with the vest…the trousers come with a belt printed on or without depending on how you want the shirt layer to be worn , tucked or not…grab it up while you can…25L for today and only from the Monday Mania board…

SF Design

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Group gift non mesh. Hat included but not the necklace.

Group Gift non mesh. Same dress as above but with the Gatcha crown.

Group gift non mesh. Hat, beads, shoes all free.

Group gift non mesh. So much Tulle.  Ride on the sim.

First shop is called Sugarcoat and from there I got the amazing Gatcha crown for a cheap 40Lds.  Enough bling to make it pretty and not enough to make it nasty.  This is also the shop to go to for the sparkling grasses, coloured grasses, floaty soap bubbles, glittery lights and such prettiness for your land and home and pretty darn reasonably priced and a small selection of floaty dresses.  There is a couple of smaller shops with skin and wings which are just so lovely.

Sugarcoat. How inviting is this shop?

Worlds End Garden.  The shop is  small and perfect.

Worlds Ends Garden.  Nearly everything you see can be bought right there.

The first picture shows Sugarcoat and when someone spends time, money and imagination making their shop and land look that pretty you know you’re in for a treat.

The rest of the pictures (apart from the framing there is no photoshopping involved) is The Worlds End Garden.  BEAUTIFUL!  The shop is small but almost everything on the sim that you see is for sale.  So much easier and nicer to buy from where you see it in place and not have to TP somewhere else and find it.  I’ve not shown everything on this stunning sim but so well worth a visit just to calm the soul and maybe get a few pictures for your invent (as well as the dresses). WOW I’ve just been back to get the LM and found a secret TP to a little bit of heaven in the sky.  VISIT NOW!


Worlds End Garden

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Are you Cold?

I guess you might be with the weather cooling down for certain, lucky people in the world. As for me, no, I most certainly am not cold but hey, that’s one of the things I love about Second Life: there’s no weather but for what we make in our own heads! That’s why I can happily show you some of the awesome gear you can pick up from FATEwear right now.

They are some deliciously warm and gorgeous items like in the picture above where you can see me wearing the Roger layered shirt and cardigan combo and it is wicked. I love cardigans so this was always going to make me happy but it just looks so good the texture on it and the undershirt is fantastic and there are a number of cool colours you can get your little hands on. I also am a big fan of the striped pattern on the cardigan and the way it’s opened at the bottom to allow you to see the shirt beneath.

In this picture I’ve put on the brilliant ‘James’ jacket, which is a new take on FATEwear’s popular Dean jacket except this time it’s done is gorgeous denim with a fleece lining. Again, and it’s pretty much par for the course with FATEwear, the texturing is spectacular and the sizing is just perfect (for me), it’s just such a great jacket.

With both these items, I’ve teamed them with different colours of the ‘Harry’ scarf and I’m blown away with how seamlessly they fit with other mesh items, there doesn’t seem to be melting at all, it just sits right where it’s supposed to sit and looks superb while doing so. There is a fantastic range of colours available for this scarf, loads of size options and you ladies can also pick this up if you’d like as there are also female sizings! Thanks Damien!

Get the gear here: FATEwear

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Silver Lining Hunt – Part Deux

The gifts keep on coming from the Silver Lining Hunt…what a deeeelicious mix of fashion & decor ! A big squishhhhhy hug to all the fabulous designers in this hunt, who recognise I’m not the worlds best hunter and sent me a copy of their gifts, thank you ❤ Above I am wearing a delicate little dress from ezura XUE…now this is the great thing about hunts…you get to search out some terrific prizes and also find stores you havent seen before…win win no? I had already been to try to find this sweet frock out..and failed miserably, and I so so SO wanted to get it….layers of frothy lace…and a perfectly shaped over skirt…bared shoulders for added wow factor (the stole is mine and not now available sowwy!) I’m also wearing the snuggly Ugg style boots from Intrepid…essential stomping about gear…

[CIRCA] are in this event yay! This prize is brilliant for your wintery abode and will certainly light up your space…a whole host of pretties in this gift box..a darling slim side table with a tiny glass globe attached…a special sparkly piece that I adore…

closer look at the twinkly snowflakes that flutter around inside the glass dome..isnt that just gorjus? You also get the large frosty wall mirror andddd the darling little Christmassy potted tree , its got dangly stars *squeee*…

Heres the stunning Fireplace from L&K Prefabs…a streamlined play on a  log burner…which neatly fits perfectly into my new home ! Great flame effects too…Im wearing the prize pantalon from NuDoLu, sweatshirt looking fabric, really comfy and easy to wear…teamed up with the poncho from ATTIC…love love LOVE this ! Ohhh can you spot another gift in my hand? No?…well look closerrrr….

Isnt that sweet?! This ritzy clutch bag is by Ty Zvezda…teeny jewels scattered on the outside…its also got a lovely pose for holding….

Last up for today…is this desk top computer..this is offered by SFW Industries as their prize…its only one prim…unreal ! If you click on the screen , it gives you a choice of desktop views…google…windows…photoshop etc, I really love that. I’ve placed it out in my new home..cant beat something sleek for a prim can you?…

Silver Lining Hunt Blog (info, hints & landmarks)

SFW Industries

Intrepid Designs

Ty Zvezda


L&K Prefabs

ATTIC (also has a gift for the guys)


ezura XUE