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Monday Mania & Peplum tee’s

Happy Monday ! Some great news today from SF Design…there is a dash of bright & shiny newness…Ive been *bothering* Swaffette about a meshy type top with a colour change HUD…the guys got what about the chicks! Welllllllllllllllllllll she’s made one and its a corker…”the peplum tee” is just divine…check outt the intricate pattern on the lace fabric…and the fantastic shape of the peplum…the creases and shading are brilliant ! But but but…what I like soooo much comes with a HUD , so you can change its colour…and theres oooodles of colours to choose from…*happy sigh*…I especially love this red, charming tone and so good for Winter, the crisp white is also another fav…thanks Swaffette ❤

As its Monday…we are also treated to a Monday Mania bargain…and this week its the Kurta outfit…mmhmm you heard correctly..a whole outfit for the bargain price of 25L ! You get a fabbo pair of trousers in a dark denim twill type fabric…cant actually believe these aren’t mesh? The prim cuffs are So well done..they just look seamless…you also have a white shirt…or you can wear the shirt with the vest…the trousers come with a belt printed on or without depending on how you want the shirt layer to be worn , tucked or not…grab it up while you can…25L for today and only from the Monday Mania board…

SF Design