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The North Pole & Santa !

ohmy oh my ohmy…I get SO excited about Christmas ! Poor old Player always has to deal with my spiralling festive JOY ! It begins around mid November..and Im almost fit to pop by December 1st …Two years ago we spent a happy evening or three visiting all the Chrismassy places…I was in hog heaven…then we happened upon  the “North Pole & Santa’s Village”, ohmai! It’s just incredible…so much fun…so pretty…so so SO Chrismassy! You arrive at the top of a windblown snowy Mouintain…there is a handy pair of uggs style boots set out for free, so you can slip them on and keep your toes cozy…then you walk down the winding pathway to Santa’s village. The wind really does howl and the snow effects are sooper pretty…

There is a hunt to enjoy while you visit, and it’s not soooo easy to find the gifts, you’ve been warned ! You have to search around and find the places to touch..the gift box magically appears before you, you touch it to receive the prize…and theres some totally lovely gifts , I havent opened all mine yet !

I bought some of the animated reindeer from here a few years back…best Ive ever seen in Second Life…they move so naturally, I adore them. You will find some genuinely unusual and special items to buy, but really..its just not all about shopping…its the MAGIC of Christmas ! Take time to wander and marvel at the animated penguins & elves…explore each shop…theres a post office, a workshop, and of course the reindeer stable, and oooodles more to entertain & delight you. If you want to experience the Christmas times you almost forgot you had as a child..this is the place to go.

The North Pole & Santa’s workshop