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Unhinged Festival – part trois

Oh my French is trois three? Hmm uhm I think so ! Anywayyy…heres another handful of the oooodles of items you can snatch up at the unhinged event…let me say this…and I will try not to babbble on …




Okkk….got that outta the way…now listen up…get yourself over to the Unhinged Festival….drool over these amazing mesh avatars by Skulpritt…dribble down your front when you see the biplane, the hover car & hot air balloon…and then BUY THEM. They are gonna be the most fun thing you’ve had for a longggggg time ! SERIOUSLY !

I can’t tell you how much I laughed scooting around in my little plane and pilot avatar…deadly cute…sooper deelighful…highly addictive. There is a choice of avatars (YES *airpunch* even a pink one) and also wearable vehicles to go with them…if you don’t laugh when you wear these…you are made.of.stone !  The detail is truly amazing…and so easy to wear, I’m told you can also use the avatar wearing your own hair if you don’t wear the cap…but I so so SO loved the complete thing.  The vehicles are in gatcha machines with all sortsa colour combo to win, the mesh avatars you can choose which one you want, perfect! I’m off to buzz around in mine – thanks Eku ❤

Unhinged Festival