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Oops OPOPOP (SAH Suicide Awareness Hunt)

The “Oops” is the Suicide Hunt doesn’t start till tomorrow (15th Nov) but of course some people have jumped the gun and already set their items out so if you’ve not had much luck start again and you will find some great things.

This top was sent to me by Oursinette Bruun, as her SAH gift,  and sometimes you dread that because what happens if it’s naff and horrible but what a sigh of relief I gave when I tried it on.  Normally it takes a time to get a complete look ready, chosing the hair, bottoms, shoes etc but as soon as I put on this grey/black mesh top it was so easy.  It’s a  proper workable wearable shirt which as soon as I put it on I knew it would look great with jeans or shorts .  Comes with a yellow wrist band and a bright yellow ribbon on the back so wear it and send out the signal that it’s ok to be lost and there are people who understand and want to help.

Her shop OPOPOP  is a new shop to me mainly mesh with a small selection of non mesh upstairs.  Lots of lovely demos and new colours and styles that even a hardened SLer like me found a bunch of demos to try on and when payday comes around there is a sexy denim overall that I want.  Till then more than pleased with this top.  It’s a keeper.


If you want a profile picture that ROCKS check out her Flickr Account and for a few Lindens she can make you into a work of art.