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Be a Cheeky Devil !

I have one of theeee bestest Halloween costumes you can get..and guess whut? Its SF Designs Monday Mania item hooohahhhh….thats right, just 25L for today and only from the Monday Mania board (there is also a guys version that Steve was too wussy to wear *eye roll* – same price 25L)..full length glossy red devil suit…there is a scalp cap (that I’m wearing) but you can also just wear your own hair…horns…saucy little tail, cape and trident to swishhhhhhhhh around ! My skin is a group gift, also from SF Design…you get three colours with options also …I chose blue, sooper goth makeup, just perfect for your finishing Halloweeny touches …thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

Oh psssssst – I was hunting for a scarey Halloween ride this morning with my bestie Dra…and we found this Scared To Death Haunted House , its sooper frightening and a really long ride around a haunted house , go see..its free to do and heaps of fun !

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It Flows

I realised the other day that it had been way too long since I had paid a visit to *Airflow*. So that’s exactly what I did and I’m definitely glad I did because I found that they have mesh now! I’m not sure how long they have had mesh gear but it’s there and it’s awesome. What makes it even better is that until the 31st, you can grab yourself one of these fabulous mesh cardigans for half price!

These are so gorgeous, I love the texture on them, the look of the buttons, the design – yeah pretty much everything. The mesh comes in five sizes so you’re pretty much guaranteed to find the size that’s right for you but each size of this cardigan comes in three separate versions: each one with a different pattern. Think of the value, you’re basically getting three cardigans for half the price of one! There’s also a great range of colours to choose from, I don’t think you can go wrong with this cardi at all.

While you’re down at *Airflow* you should most definitely join the group as you can grab a whole pile of group gifts for both guys and girls. Some of them we’ve blogged here previously, but this wicked long mesh tee is a new one for me. With this gift you get the mesh in two sizes and four (yes, count ’em!) colours included. With its brilliant texture and fantastic-looking striped pattern, this is definitely worth giving up one of your group slots for.

Get the gear here: *Airflow*

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The Hamster says

“Happy Halloween” !! Well she would if she could speak….isnt my hamster halloween outfit to-die-for? It could be yours…and all for free ! I found it on the SL Universe forum – thanks chaps ❤

not only do you get the witches hat, boots and mouth sweet but you also get this darling lollipop to ride, complete with a basket of munchies to wear in your mouth ! Just wear it and turn your hamster ao off…et voila …you’re ready to go trick or treating…


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Cursed Men

When Milu Laval contacted me to let me know there was a male version of her Cursed outfit I snapped it up only to realise that I didn’t stand a hope in Hell of getting Steve to do the posing for me.  Fortunately I found a willing friend and almost as good he has the most amazing wings I’ve seen.  So if you need a hot, sticky, date then go with a friend and grab this outfit and what an impression you would make.


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Blueberry Flavoured Zan Beck

Dress came first and then a notice came through for the new Magika hair and what a match!  The dress is a cute Group Gift from Blueberry and you obviously have to join the group to receive this little cutie.  A  2 tone mesh dress which gives the impression of a top and a skirt, tie details on the skirt.  Great pastel colours, shading and texturing.  Now as far as I can tell you have to get this little cutie from The Fair.  Remember  when you join a group always check previous notices because in this case I did and they have a mesh denim dress for us and although I’ve not had time to try it on if it’s as good or the same as the ones I saw in the shop then WOO HOO.

Worth joining the group for the title tag alone which is why this blogg is called “Blueberry Flavoured ”

Before we blog anything we always go to check out the shop and see the range they have and the general look they’re aiming for and then I spotted this soft, elegant, femine coat the satin tie is a lovely finishing touch. A bargain at 145Lds.  Some great textured clothes in this place and I’ve grabbed a load of the demos to have a little trying on session when I have a bit more time.

Close up on the hair because I love it. Same hair in every picture but because you can change the shading it makes it very versatile.  A stylised rather than “natural” look  but it makes a statement without you looking like you have a helmet on your head.  Choice of 3 hair colour packs all at 250Lds.  Pack 1 contains 25 shades of brown, reds and blondes, pack 2 contains 25 shades of colours from yellow to dark red and the pack I went for was no 3 because I loved the 2 tone look (in some cases a 3 toned look).  Pretty and noticeable. It’s just where you land and it’s marked NEW and it’s called Visit which is exactly what you need to do to at least try on some of their hair and have some pretty fun.


Blueberry Dress

Blueberry Coat

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Creating the ambiance

So we are well and truly into the colder weather…and its really time you cast out those deck chairs and summer benches…and get your nest all cozy..Prism Furniture have a divine new furniture range out called “Flanagan”…its really a versatile set with plenty to pick and choose from..

From chaise to couch, gentleman’s armchairs…rich fabrics…almost feel like I can stroke my fingers along the plush textiles…theres something for every one and every home in this…

I love the chaise…as with all the pieces its got a bundle of really really good animated poses in it…glamourous yet subtle and would fit in with most styles of home. The beauty of the Flanagan range is you can pick and choose which pieces you want…you dont have to buy it all (although its very tempting to do so!)

Lily Juno creator at Prism Furniture has a really good layout in her store….go check out how she’s laid this set out and gather some ideas on how to revamp for the season. Last photo (and I havent even shown the whole range!)  I wanted to show you a few of the decor pieces…the fireplace is pretty low on prims (eight I believe) and is so homey..the frames and vases etc on the top are separate, so you can use as much or as little as you wish…adore the grandfather clock….traditional style to give your home some elegance. I must also mention that if you join  the Prism Furniture group (200L join fee) there is a fantastico group gift out for you, its deeeelicious! Thanks Lily ❤

Prism Furniture

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The Not so cuddly bunny

CandyMetal have a new group gift out yay! Its to celebrate Halloween…”The Evil Bunny” comprises of a skin (five versions included) a mesh corset – with or without blood stains, a string, and of course a pair of bunneh ears ! (there’s also a fluffy tail awwww) I’m showing the skin with the whiskers on…but I also really loved the one with blood on it…decisions decisions ! Thanks Emychan xx