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Diamonds and Chains

When I got the offer of chosing something from by Milu Laval the lovely owner AtaMe I TPed faster than the speed of light as I had already spotted this dress on a previous visit and had talked myself out of it.  The reason I talked myself out of it is in the past chain dresses have been such a disappointment but this one is BDG (pretty damned good) in fact this is the best chain and diamond dress I’ve tried.  I’ve put this really close up shot so you can see exactly how good this texturing is right down to the light shading on the skin.  This one is the Eclipse Cocktail dress and right next to it is the Eclipse Gown which is a full and dramatic skirted version of this.  Comes with modesty layers which have 2 choices so you can modify 1 layer to fit your skin but this isn’t a modest shop though, it’s for latex lovers and those who love  statement clothes.

This is a Non Mesh shop so everyone can indulge in a bit of kink whatever viewer they have.

For those on a budget there is the Femdon Hunt going on as it happens this dress almost the hint..just find this dress and cam up and up and you will find a shoe. OOH quick add on here,  I’ve just tried on the Hunt item and you get a generous Mistress outfit and one for both a male and female slave..any takers?

AtaMe (Adult)