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Marl & Me

Not having a proper internet connection sucks! I’ve had to cobble together what I could find to be able to get here tonight and – to take my mind off my problems for a few precious moments – find SF Design’s new Monday Mania item. This week brings us the Marl Sweater in red. So stylish and comfy looking to boot, this is definitely a great item to pick up. I’m a fan of high-necked sweaters and this is a good one: high, wide and handsome and it matches the lovely texture of the sweater itself perfectly. Speaking of attachments, you get two for each arm, the cuff and the lower sleeve which adds a bulky, bunched look to the lower sleeves, adding to that comfiness I mentioned earlier. You also get the sculpted lower part of the sweater which sits perfectly over your jeans and comes in either a scripted resizeable version, or one without the script.

With its awesome texture and look, this would be a great sweater to pick up at full price. The fact that it is only going to cost you L$25 today makes it impossible to pass up right? Just remember you can only get it at that price from the Monday Mania boards located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design

On a personal note I want to wish Faith the happiest of happy birthdays for today (at least I’m pretty sure it’s today, I may be wrong with the time differences and all that). I hope you have a great day Faith, you definitely deserve it! xxx

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