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Smith Versus the Volcano

I’ve shamefully fallen behind in my blogging and for that I apologise, but my friends, there is a bright side to that. While I’ve been somewhat inactive, there have been a few new releases from FATEwear that I am itching to show you all.

Damien Fate has released his very popular and extremely awesome Smith suit in the fiery Volcano colour that you can see above and below. The pinstriped blazer, pants, matching tie and black shirt are all meant to be worn together and boy do they look good!

The detail is amazing and the texture, shading and creases all look fantastic. The colour is just perfect as well, the striking red offset by the black shirt, it just looks right. This smart suit comes -like all of the gear from FATEwear- in five sizes so you’re guaranteed to find one that will fit you.

FATEwear have also released a couple of sweet hoodies for you guys. The one I’m wearing here is the Slim Jacket in Ocean but there are a huge range of colours to choose from for this and for the Marshall jacket as well. I love the look of this hoodie, it’s really cool and casual and the hood has a great, slouchy look to it as it rests on upper back and shoulders. You can wear these with or without the tees included but I like the difference the t-shirt makes and so I tend to keep it on.

If you haven’t paid a visit to FATEwear yet, why not!? No seriously, you definitely need to head on down and check out the gear that he has for sale, there is some really sensational stuff. Great colours, super designs and variety, all at brilliant prices. What more could you want?

Get the gear here: FATEwear