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Group benefits

It’s always hard these days, even with the increased amount of groups we can join…to make room  for justttttttt one more huh? Well, here’s a conundrum for you…because youre so going to have to squeeze another in..Liv Glam…Im new to this store and only found them from an event that I was browsing. Adored a few outfits and purchased them, then as I usually do – headed over to their main store to browse. Whoaaaa ! As I entered the door there was a heap of gifts all lined up…seriously gorgeous gifts…the sort that make me stop and wriggle a little…just like this darling outfit above…a furrrrrry jacket over the sweetest little dress (it even looks adorable worn alone) I found the sizing to be very good, the clothes well all screams quality no?

There are two groups you can join, one is free join, the other is 250L if my memory serves me correctly (which it doesn’t always!) There are gifts for free group members just not so many – if you grab yourself a full group membership boy-oh-boy are you spoilt…I lost count of the outfits I was able to take…last count was 24 *gasp*.  Above is one of my favourites, the Mariah dress…such a great style….the red ruffles that wind down the front really make this little frock POP…so me .

I noticed as I wandered about the store, which is really nicely laid out and spacious…there were other little piles of gifts *squeeeee*, so if you join up, which I really suggest you DO…make sure you take a walk around the whole place. There are also two hunt gifts for you too even if you don’t become a member, you’ll get a chance to try out a couple of outfits with no cost, and that’s the fab thing about hunts…see the quality before you invest !

Ohhh just time to fit one more photo in yay! Totally love this outfit…beautiful Autumn shades, complete with necklace,bangles & earings, I truly can not belive it’s a gift ! Thanks Liv Glam ❤

Liv Glam