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Green in the Woods

SF Design’s Monday Mania item has gone green this week! Yes indeed folks it is that time of the week yet again and swaffette Firefly is offering this fantastic green flannel shirt for the amazing price of just L$25.

Firstly, the colours are lovely: the green, black and white check look so good together and the attachments like the sculpted cuffs and collar fit perfectly with the rest of the shirt and are really well-made. Also, you get so, so many options with this shirt. Included are the closed version you see me wearing above but there is also an unbuttoned, open version with a flexi bottom and a version of the shirt that is simply tied around your waist that looks awesome with a t-shirt or something similar.

So there you have it, yet another Monday Mania marvel from SF Design. As I mentioned above, this will only set you back a mere L$25 but you can only get it today at this price from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design