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Falling Leaves Hunt

I’m feeling pretty spoilt lately with the amount of Home & Garden themed hunts on…The Cookie Jar Falling Leaves Hunt has now begun…and boy-oh-boy there are squooodles of yummmy gifts to find . Above is the Falling leaves studio by Designer Prims…just 17 prims and is mesh…you can change the floor, wall and blind textures too ! The kitchen is animated..with some really lovely poses for chopping, cooking , lurking…

While you’re there join the group (its free join), there is  a multitude of gifts by the landing point for the group, and another hunt prize to be found hurrrah! Gifts such as this fantastic “funky shelf”…poses built into the step ladder…looks perfect in the studio…

Theres also another home up for grabs for group members…a mesh book shelf and this sweet vase of flowers ! Ohhhh better not forget to mention my frock…its new from Legal Insantiy…”Miami”…such a great wrap of tones and simple to wear style…

Designer Prims

The Cookie Jar Falling Leaves hunt blog

Legal Insanity


2 thoughts on “Falling Leaves Hunt”

  1. Lovely pics Faithless, thank you so much and I’m super pleased you are enjoying the studio 🙂


    1. Hi Elle ! Iam soooo in love with the studio…its scrummmmmy gorjusss…thank you for a superb gift ❤


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