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Carn’evil Queen

I visited the Carn’evil today..what a blast… Plenty of stuff to play – o.O and prizes , I found my wearable huggy unicorn in one of the stores for free…you can also win some funky balloons…LOVED the zombie head shooting game ! Shopping galore and a big wheel to ride..can it get more perfect? Well YES…if youve got one of these sooper new mesh denim dresses from Poison…I guess it could hoohahhh….variety of denimy goodness to choose from…I adored this washed out faded red..thanks Coro ❤



4 thoughts on “Carn’evil Queen”

    1. hullo 😉 yes…it is downstairs (accesible via a fun teleport whirly thing) in the owner of carn’evils store…first store on the left as you walk in (its got LOTS of really humurous fun stuff lol) You will find the unicorn in a pink balloon, sort of hovering in mid air .


  1. popped back – seems like the gift balloons are random…today the gifts were different- store is called catnip…some balloons upstairs today !


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