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Halloween is coming up fast..everywhere I go in Second Life I see people hauling out their pumpkins and cauldrons..keeping up with the trend is ArisAris…two fabbo releases to get you dressed in style for the events. Lady Sinister above is amazing…its mesh…and you can wear it as I have above…or without the long skirt for a knee length version…it comes with the cobwebs that attached to your chest and shoulder…plus the creepy skeleton hands belt ! My skin is by CandyMetal and is a group gift…”Autumn”…beautifully shaded lips and a creamy skin tone made it the perfect choice to wear with this gown…

If you’re into something a little more kookie for Halloween, try this ..also from ArisAris…and called “Curcubita”…balloon shaped strapless dress with a great pumpkin theme going on across it…and a sweet mesh pair of socks…you also get the coolest pair of pumpkin earings ! Both of these outfits are only 99L each…thanks Ariadna ❤


ArisAris on the market place


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Something MAD!

Sooo I was given this package by Milo Bubble, owner of Bubblez…and I unsuspectingly opened it…silly me ! I just “added” the whole outfit..and WHOA ! I wasnt expecting a moustache..or a pipe…or even a big frilly floppy hat ! What a fantastic outfit…SO different…(the bike is mine btw – BUT you can get one on the market place for free too! here :…Like the boots? Mmmhmmm…they are also part of this complete look ! Leg warmers too…its a whole style-in-a-box…

Closer inspection time..the cropped sweater top is sooper cute…lovely little bunny rabbit on the front (there’s a bunny necklace that I helpfully forgot to put on duh) arm warmers also…a bunny pipe! Plus that awesome moustache *wink* Sooooo you could wear all this…or…

It’s also totally awesome worn as a shorts set…the mesh shorts are extra specially sweet…lovely shape to them and great details…Ive been stomping about in this for 2 days ! Thanks milo ❤


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Last Post

Phew managed to catch the last post…I had this classic burberry inspired three-quarter length raincoat by the door…slip it on..good to go ! I have to say…for 59L  I was totally surprised by the quality…Its by “Yingy’s”, which Id not heard of before…7 colours available…five sizes in the pack..Im wearing medium. It was sooo hard to stick to my budget and not blow a wad on ALL of these ! Yingy’s have a few items out in this round of the “Acid Lily Gallery”..lots of other designers there also, nothing priced over 70L yay!

Yingy’s at Acid Lily Gallery

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Sewing Mania

So much sewing so little time.  One of my FAVOURITE shops in SL is MMGraffiti’s.  Reasonable priced for some damned fine stuff in fact my latest home is from them and so is this sewing machine.  OK it’s not really supposed to be this big but since it’s editable I thought I’d have a bit of fun.  All of this is actually 5 Prims!!! all of it including the measuring tape, ribbon, thread snipper and even buttons in the drawer.

And there it is next to me  at it’s more normal size.  Priced at 110Lds how reasonable and you can pick up equally as reasonably prices and low primmed detailed accessories. Sorry for all the photos but I had to pop back to the shop and I couldn’t resist showing the excellent low primmed reasonably priced accessories you can get to make a whole sewing room.  That bobbin holder is only 5 prims and 88Lds and the bobbins come as 2 and are only 1 prim and mean this shop is primtastic.  Furniture, garden stuff, fun stuff, low prim and on and on.

Sadly this amazingly detailed sewing, crafting backpack and belt will not be at the sooo CHEAP price of 30Lds anymore.  This comes from …… and it’s a must to Sub to so in future when they put out notices for their great offers you won’t miss it.  A lovely big shopping area, with everything from “bang on trend” mesh clothes to Gor type clothes and mesh templates.  A great place to stroll around and just relax and maybe even treat  yourself..  Big LBs you can’t miss and even bigger gift boxes dotted around and I’ve snagged the lot and they have some really great gifties.  Had to come back to get the LM and I’ve noticed the Medieval Lawnmower which is a pushable sheep in a wheelbarrow that eats the grass…SOOO CUTE.


May’s Soul, Una, Torvis Weapons, Flecha

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Posh Totty

I do so enjoy the Second Life London themed sims, my home town! Today I scooted over to one of my fav areas…Knightsbridge… to take a couple of photos. Of course I parked on the yellow lines ! Darn it, then couldn’t find my keys in the to-die-for bag Id bought earlier from Indyra..yumyumyum..isnt it deeeeelicious? I was surprised when I got it, as it actually is three with an arm hold, shoulder hold and a simple hold…great poses ! My fab peplum dress is by  .::PiNK CHERRY::….this comes in three colour ways..two being a more floral option…but my current love affair with all things black & white..meant I was always going to wear this one. Sharp styling..crisp capped sleeves…at the back of the skirt there is  a lovely detail of a zip…and YES, that belt is part of the outfit – I know right!! I totally will wear it with everything ! reassuringly scrumptious boots are of course from GOS ! (Isnt it greeeaaatt how you can change not only the texture but the colours of various parts on these babies?)

Had a quick change inside my mock – Georgian house and off to a cocktail party! I slipped into this  dress by Stars Fashion…its on special promotion for a week…only 99L ! Layers of gauzy mesh make it sooper pretty..simple & elegant.



Stars Fashion offer

Indy & Co. (If you’re going to grab the bag, it’s actually cheaper on the market place store for some reason)

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Mod your Monday

With today’s Monday Mania item from SF Design being a fabulously gorgeous pair of dress shoes, I thought I’d take the opportunity to show off swaffette Firefly’s amazing 60’s Mod Suits. You may remember the style from the Vintage Fair but now they are available in four colours: burgandy, bronze, grey and blue.

These suits are so awesome, the texture is so good and realistic and the new colours look fantastic. I love the look of the slim tie and lapels, I think swaffette has caught the British mod style really well with these.

Of course, these suits look just as good if you decide to go without the jacket and wear just the shirt and you can either wear it tucked in or add another pants layer and get the messier look if you prefer. There is also a flexi tie version that you can wear if you go without the jacket as the other tie is meant to be tucked in. All the attachments for this suit match perfectly and fit like dreams. The only editing I had to do was a slight touch up on the shirt collar and the resizer script made that oh-so-easy.

Finally I come to the Monday Mania item from SF Design which, as I said earlier, is this gorgeous pair of shoes: the ‘anniversary dress shoes’. The detail on these are great, I especially love the pattern on the top of them, adding just that extra little bit of style to them. These shoes are so simple to wear, I needed no editing at all, just put them on straight out of the box and off I went on my merry way.

For L$25 they are an absolute steal so while you are down at SF Design checking out the Mod Suits, you should pick yourself up a pair of these shoes while you can. Just remember that they are only available at this price for today from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Mondays child is fair of face

Soooooooo campers…itssss Monday! HoooHahhh …time for some Monday Mania goodies…shed off your working week gloom…leave the dishes…and check these babies out..

My favourite item from this weeks Monday Mania has gotta be these darling Maryjane shoes from SF Design! Glittery and girly ….really lovely stylish pair of classic janes…and only 25L…whats not to love ?! Dont forget, all the Monday Mania items are priced from between 25-50L , only for Monday.

SF Design