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Newness from Poison..and you guys can also get your mucky paws on its been released in male & female form hoooorayyy! I’m talkin about the fab vest I’m wearing of course…its got Poison’s hallmarks all over it…great fit..and soooo easy to mingle in with your other gear – thanks Corocota <3…200L….the mesh shorts which I have fallen in lurrrve with are from the Christie set released this week by CandyMetal…gawd..someone peeeeel them offa me ! My shooz are another bit of hot-off-the-press gear…from ArisAris and wow these are some killer heels…

There is a HUGE range of these pumps..peep toe…or  plain…dotty & classic black, brown etc…you can also buy a big stonking fat pack of them ALL ! While you’re there don’t forget to join the group…some great gifts get sent out and you’ll be able to keep up with the new releases….which are plentiful! Thanks Ariadna ❤