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The reason I’ve titled this “upcycling” is because that’s what this lovely thick textured slouchy mesh jumper with its fabric and lace panel remind me so much of and how trendy is upcycling at the moment.  NiNight Creations is the shop and they have 2 hunts on at the moment “The Fairest Of Them All” and “The Summer Harvest Hunt Item” and the lovely Nigella Nightfire has been kind enough to leave an easy peasy hunt clue for the Summer Harvest Hunt, your looking for an acorn, giraffe and nose which is this lovely jumper.  Then just to add more icing on the cake the Group Gift is a brilliant oversized mans shirt to be worn by us ladies.  NiNight Creations has something for everyone in their shop and so very reasonably price and no compromise on the quality.

But NiNight Creations don’t just do clothes they have  chairs covered in throws, rugs, beds and  a whole load of stuff.  Walk through to the adjoining shop and you will find not only items to decorate your home but some quirky stuff (as Faith will soon find out when she notices the Nelsons Column I now have on my land).  You will happily spend time here looking at so much it will be hard to decide what to buy first.  An example of their quality can be seen in this little stack of hat boxes which are only 4 prims and 25Lds and yes I am going back for more.
NiNight Creations