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Stuff your ‘Robe

If you’re anything like me then you don’t fancy the idea of always wearing a black or white shirt underneath a suit coat. Don’t get me wrong, black and white shirts are awesome and I would never toss them out completely,  I just like having options is what I’m saying. To help with that, Kauna have just released a heap of bright and brilliant coloured versions of their mesh shirt that can be worn with the 2 piece suit I’ve blogged previously. If you can’t find a favourite colour to wear under this suit (or simply by itself), I’ll be very surprised.

This shirt comes in 4 different versions (with three sizes for each) two that are meant to be worn with the suit and two that can be worn all by themselves. As you can see, they are fantastic-looking shirts that are just so well made. At L$249 each, they are a great bargain with which to add some colour to your wardrobe. You can also pick the new set of ties that can be worn with these shirts while you’re down there’s yet another reason to get yourself down to Kauna and check it out!

Get the gear here: Kauna