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Finding my inner T*RT!

“Finding my inner Tart” is not a relfection of my personality but a SL hunt that I almost missed.  However I do digress slightly as the Mesh Bikini I am happily modelling wasn’t a hunt item but never the less at 50Lds it is just so reasonable.  Half the problem you will find it picking the right one as Etchaflesh do not stint on choices of colours and patterns in all of their amazing corsets, bustiers. clothes and now a new range of Bikinis.  I’ve ranted and raved about them before because of the amazing waist sinching gorgeousnes and fits for the Busty, Bustier, Bustyest and You Got To Be Joking size of chest so a fit for all. Now you can buy all their loveliness from their MP shop or if you feel the need for some inworld shopping then you will also be able to snag your inner tart pressie and if I can find it then YOU can although a small SEWING hint wouldn’t go amiss.
Thought I would sneak another picture of the lovely bikini but also show you another Step Inside skin.

How much would I love to say that this was a RL photo of me on my holidays but I live in the UK and we don’t get weather like that, no comment about lack of a bikini body.  So yet again another set of skins from Step Inside called Tash.  I rarely ask for any samples but I am poor till the end of the month and as soon as I saw these samples I just had to ask because I love love love her skins and happily she sent me the 2 samples I wanted to show you.  Usual comments such as great details where it counts, nips, collar bone etc but she does great lips!

I hope my photo does the skin justice.  This is the Tash  Rosy-Pale 10 cl skin.  The lips have a touch of orangy pinkiness and are plump and pouty without being clown like, eye makeup is dramatic and yet also played down.  Sneaks in that although I adore the make up the fact that all the MOCK make up layers I tried on fitted so well so it adds an extra dimention to the skins in that you can chop and change the make up. Now obviously I’m wearing this with my shape and so things will always look different on everyone but the clarity of the skin tones and great eyes and lips always make the difference no matter what AV Shape you wear.  And of course it goes without mentioning that if your waiting for RL paid day to treat yourself she is one of those people who makes sure you can have a great treat at either no cost, LCs, Group Gifts, Dollarbie or her bargain offers for 99Lds which are SHOP QUALITY SKINS! not cheapo nasties.  Remember to check out her small selection of furniture as well and pretty soon I will get around to showing you her stylish and excellent textured bathroom suite that I had to buy.

Step Inside (skins)

Etchaflesh (bikini and Hunt Item)

Etchaflesh Marketplace

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Glamour Puss

Shhhhh, don’t tell on me…but I sneaked  into Zan’s brand spanking new home to take these photos…its really luxurious and gorgeous..and I knew this new frock from CandyMetal would be wonderful to drift about inside it…was I right?! After Id snooped through her undies draw…checked out her fridge…I got down to business and slipped one of the new range of these draped mesh gowns on…gawd…I felt so posh…beautiful styling…stunning draped back…they come in plain satin also..but but but I just loved how the sequined variety looked..the shimmery top almost melting into the lower half…divine!

The front is a classic look…I couldnt decide wether to add some long loose pearls or not…I felt the elegance of the gown was enough..especially in the sequined version….these come in a whole heap of different colours…I especially liked the red also..thanks Emychan ❤


Decor items : POST

Haigue Home by Dutchie

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Archie Appeal

Oh noes…Poor Archie has been in the wars…and needs a whole heap of veterinary treatment…who’s Archie huh? Welll he is a rather handsome furry chap belonging to Gospel Voom of GOS . Here is all the info about Archie from the Seraphim  blog –

“Archie” is the cat of Gospel Voom, creator of Gos. He was hit by a car last Saturday night and miraculously survived and found his way home, but he was in bad shape. He is being treated for his massive head and facial injuries, and as you can imagine, the surgeries and veterinary costs have already been and will continue to be astronomical – into the 5 digits!

Truth District and several talented friends from across the grid have come together in support by volunteering their creations as donations to help pay for these expenses. Most of the items are 100% donation, and the entire Gos store (on the Truth District sim) is 50% off. Anyone that has ever had a pet knows how they are more than just an animal, but are instead a member of the family. If you feel so inclined to help this cause, head on over to Truth District today.

Sooo because I love & adore kitties…I wanted to pop some cash into the pot and buy up some goodies at the same time…in the photo above I’m wearing something I’ve wanted for soooooo long, it’s the shoes..pimp up your pumps….quite a few versions to choose from (these are the classic platforms) They have 15 colours and 6 bow accents in the menu ! For the duration of this event they are just 248L *faints*…

I also picked up the pimp up your pumps in the point platform version, also 248L. Nifty thing is you can add all types of bow to the front and back via the touch controlled menu…totally versatile and I ❤ them big time ….don’t forget….the discount is only at the Gos store on the Truth Sim ! Outside the Gos store is a little market set up, where friends have stalls selling donation items for Archies Appeal…

I nabbed these cute mesh shirts from it is in grey…butttt…you get a whopping big pack of them…

In alllll these fab colours ! Just 100L will get you these..I call that a real bargain all helps Archie on his road to recovery yay! If you’re not looking for clothes or footwear don’t fret, there’s heaps on offer, poses, landscaping items all drop on by and take a peek.

The Archie Appeal Truth District

Poses by: Bent (the behind pack also on sale at the appeal) What next for stool and dressing screen, pinwheel pose by Adorkable

Dress photo one & two by coldLogic (who also have a fantabulous big fat sale on at the moment!)

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Delicious mesh

Ohlala look what I found to tempt you with today…this divine mesh corset, lingerie anddddd boots…its from a new-to-me store Maison Close…so guess where  will be heading off too later today *winks*. For just one of linden dollars you will receive…the mesh corsets in a range of sizes, the boots, and lingerie, bracelet and necklace…pluss some pasties …isn’t that a steal for your weekend ?!

Close up look of that corset..its so classy..specially love the tops of the gloves and the tiny bows that you can add-on the garter belt…gorjuss! It says on the advertisement that its only at this price for one week…not sure how long its been there for..soooo if you want to get it..dash!

Maison Close Market place store

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Barrells of fun

I was invited to go take a look at a neighbours home the other day…and I noticed these barrels she had out on her beach…I was intrigued so headed over to take a look at the store  they came from, The Weka Steam Company. They aren’t very high prim which is fab…and they are also free ! Two versions of the barrel huts are available…the one above is suitable to float on the water…

and this one is really designed for use on the land – but hey this is Second do whatever ! Fantastic details on these little homes..the door opens…windows inside…justttt enough room to maybe set up a stove in the winter…and some chairs or a couch..This one above is actually on my home land…love it ❤ Both varieties come in lots of different coloured youll be sure to find one that fits in with your current theme.

If you’re looking for something to whizz around on the water…why not grab one of these wee barrel boats ? Again, different toned woods are on offer…these really DO zooom around…so steady as you go !

Theres a sweet story behind these boats I found in the notecard that came with it – as follows: “Lashed together from whatever was a hand as the ship when down, Mr Weka was able to fashion a craft to carry him to safety. Old Uncle Weka’s Shirt for a sail (lucky he was a big chap!), a couple of bits of wood and a lantern from his cabin all nailed to a trusty barrel of booze. While not the most comfortable ride in the world at least when he found a desert island upon which to wait for rescue he has a tipple or two to help pass the time with “

Weka Steam Company

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Get on yer bike

Bubblez have a really sooper new mesh release…the Junie Overalls…soooo comfy to wear, specially for getting about on your bicycle! Summery checks and stripes all in black and white (my latest colour fetish so yay!) Selection of sizes to get a great fit…and a deep V t-shirt to wear underneath…all this for just 199L…gotta be a Saturday grab!! Thanks milo ❤


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This must be Fate

Faith sent me a notecard about a sale at one of her favourite stores and I was a little confused because they don’t sell guy’s stuff. However, as I read on I got very interested as one of their brilliant designers, Damien Fate, is getting ready to release a brand new mesh menswear brand: FATEwear. In celebration of this, they are giving away a gorgeous mesh outfit for simply subscribing to them.

Now, I’m a little confused as to the name of this outfit, it’s either called ‘Carter’ or ‘Wasteland’ but whatever you call it, it is simply awesome. As you can see, it’s a mesh shirt and pair of camo shorts. Both are amazingly detailed, the shirt especially looks great, I’m loving the texture on it and the cuffs and the creases, yeah, pretty much everything. The shorts are equally fantastic, the camoflauge pattern looks wonderful and they just have a super, slightly baggy look to them that I like a lot. Each piece comes in five sizes ranging from XS to XL so you’re very well covered for fitting these items.

I highly recommend that you guys head on down to cold logic and subscribe to the upcoming FATEwear so you can get your hands on this fabulous outfit and keep informed on what is sure to be a great brand of men’s clothing.

Get the gear here:

cold logic