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Beautify your space

Ohhh yummmy…I have some hunt & group gifts to share with you from [CIRCA]…First up is this glorious tree swing set…isnt it dramatic?! The tree is fabulously decorated with raven’s and candles..and these great big fat flowers…reminds me of a magnolia somehow.

This is the gift for the Fairest Of All Hunt…its just 5L…and wow what a statement piece…the swing seat is loaded with some lovely poses and it actually does swing…perfect!

There is also this adorable Parisian conversation bench, a little retro…with a kick of turquoise…plenty of poses so you can lounge around on it blissfully…if you look above my head slightly, you’ll notice a gorgy wall sconce with candles that gently flicker…this (and another in a slightly different style) are the current group gifts, one is in the subscribo , the other is in the main group…they go sooo nicely with the bench no? The bench is the hunt gift for “If I were rich” event…this ends on the 31st August so if you want to search this out..get going !


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