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Glamour Puss

Shhhhh, don’t tell on me…but I sneaked  into Zan’s brand spanking new home to take these photos…its really luxurious and gorgeous..and I knew this new frock from CandyMetal would be wonderful to drift about inside it…was I right?! After Id snooped through her undies draw…checked out her fridge…I got down to business and slipped one of the new range of these draped mesh gowns on…gawd…I felt so posh…beautiful styling…stunning draped back…they come in plain satin also..but but but I just loved how the sequined variety looked..the shimmery top almost melting into the lower half…divine!

The front is a classic look…I couldnt decide wether to add some long loose pearls or not…I felt the elegance of the gown was enough..especially in the sequined version….these come in a whole heap of different colours…I especially liked the red also..thanks Emychan ❤


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