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This must be Fate

Faith sent me a notecard about a sale at one of her favourite stores and I was a little confused because they don’t sell guy’s stuff. However, as I read on I got very interested as one of their brilliant designers, Damien Fate, is getting ready to release a brand new mesh menswear brand: FATEwear. In celebration of this, they are giving away a gorgeous mesh outfit for simply subscribing to them.

Now, I’m a little confused as to the name of this outfit, it’s either called ‘Carter’ or ‘Wasteland’ but whatever you call it, it is simply awesome. As you can see, it’s a mesh shirt and pair of camo shorts. Both are amazingly detailed, the shirt especially looks great, I’m loving the texture on it and the cuffs and the creases, yeah, pretty much everything. The shorts are equally fantastic, the camoflauge pattern looks wonderful and they just have a super, slightly baggy look to them that I like a lot. Each piece comes in five sizes ranging from XS to XL so you’re very well covered for fitting these items.

I highly recommend that you guys head on down to cold logic and subscribe to the upcoming FATEwear so you can get your hands on this fabulous outfit and keep informed on what is sure to be a great brand of men’s clothing.

Get the gear here:

cold logic