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This’ll Suit You

In my quest to find an awesome mesh suit, I travelled to Kauna and found it…somewhat. I had to make one more stop at the FaMESHed event to be able to get this oh-so-amazing piece of clothing. I was also super lucky enough to be sent all of the additional gear that can go along with the stock suit and there is a heap of that guys.

First off, the suit itself looks amazing, the jacket comes in either a black or white buttoned version while the trousers feature either a coloured or leather belt. Along with the jacket and trousers in the normal package you also get a classic plain white shirt and black tie, the white shirt also comes in an unbuttoned version. Each piece comes in three sizes (small, medium and large) and they all look amazing, the detailing – creases and shading and such – are fantastic. Also included is a handy and easy-to-use HUD that enables you to change the colours of the jacket trim and the coloured belts on the trousers, I thought this was a pretty cool feature that I had fun using to match with ties and shirts etc.

The shirt and tie you see me wearing in the first picture and this shirt just above are all available separately and can be worn with the two piece suit. I am a huge fan of stripey, colourful shirts and these ones just look sensational whether worn with the suit or just the trousers. As classical as it is, why settle for just white when there are five different colours you can buy and they also come in the same three sizes and different versions as the white shirt. The pack of additional ties are also awesome, including 8 colours in three different sizes to fit perfectly with the shirts and jacket.

At the moment the Two Piece Suit, black shirt and tie pack is only available from the FaMESHed event but I would definitely recommend you head on down there and grab this because it is just so, so good. The suit will cost you L$799, the black shirt is L$299 and the ties will just set you back L$149. The other shirt colours can be picked up from the Kauna mainstore for L$269. For a suit and additionals this good, the prices are definitely worth it. Thanks Ross!

Get the gear here: