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If I was a rich girl

I wouldn’t be doing SL hunts I’d be shopping for the real thing however mustn’t grumble when I have found this beauty.  What your looking for is a gold coin and what you get is 3 shades of pearls in all their lovely mesh draperyness and matching bracelets.  Now I love this sho, Lassitude & ennui, not for the necklace or the other stuff but they have a pair of divine slingbacks which have just that touch of retro to them and yet because they come in so many shades and I’m not a rich girl I keep on going and staring and thinking and then leaving.

Just an unusual quick post for me because Hooray I’m off on a holiday.  Just a few days of walking and cycling in woodlands with a bit of swimming a little bit of emm kissing and a whole lot of eating.  See ya all on Fri.

Check out the shop list for this hunt and what a dream hunt this is.  So many good shops this is going to be a good one.

Lassitude & ennui

Shop list (woo hoo)

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