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Collaborate wins again or rather I should say (e)elikatira wins. I do not claim to be a great photographer but I sure as heck try my hardest to show the items as best as possible and I hope you can see how beautifully curled and draped this very retro glam hair looks.

Every pose I hopped on this hair just looked perfect and thats the beauty of mesh.  What I also like about Elikatira is that you can buy colours in packs but you can also buy an Essential collection pack which basically covers all the main colours so you get 2 blondes, 2 browns, 2 reds, 1 white and 1 black and even the blonde, which I hardly wear, looks amazing.  So this beauty comes from Collborate and it was a lovely “purse friendly! 88Lds in fact even their full priced packs instore I believe offer great value.   But you must check out the Elikatira shop and you will  spend such a happy time trying on so many good hairs.