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coldLogic do the sixties

I was all twirly when I found out that coldLogic were in the vintage fair…I waited with bated breath to see the goodies…and boy-oh-boy…goodies they indeed are. Gawd..seriously…well…hubba hubba…I received a little package…and then just sat back and feasted my eyeballs on the dresses. I love this retro look..its fun…its spunky (yes, I can say spunky cause that was a term apparently used in those days – so there !) If these pieces don’t make you smile , youre made of stone!

This is “Brady”…and I so so SO adore it…retro wild green…with a darker slash of colour at the top..thin belt clings around the hips..underneath the most darling ever self spotted peter pan collar blouse…how can you just not love the flavour and design of this perky little thing? It made me feel like dancing ! (other colours available)

Then we have “Montgomery” (you seeing the pattern in the names yet hmm?) I was lured to the green again…its just so evocative of that period…oranges and greens featured a lot, even in furniture…similar to Brady..but losing the girly spotted blouse for a plainer one…I bet some of the fun-young-things of the day would’ve marched up and down the bright lights of the streets in London in this…fabulously fashionable. (other colours available)

“christie” is a firm favourite of mine…I choose the latte & chocolate version…another great retro shape…classic pattern for that period, the short turtle neck..sleeveless..and slightly fared out at the hemline…I have photos of old family members actually wearing this sorta thing ! It holds true today as a timeless design…Id SO love this to be part of my real life wardrobe (oh,  if only I had christies hips!~le-sigh~)

Say hi to “Partridge”…you have got to recognise that name , no matter how young you are..right? This is one of my favourites of the collection for the Vintage Fair…and I just HAD to build myself a little retro pad to flounce around in whilst wearing it…I also looked up sixties music..and found this little gem which made everything  hilariously funny – I had no idea this was a 60’s hit ! Yakety Sax , however my sound track for this blog post HAS to be by our 1960’s heroes The Beetles..heres a classic for you to listen too whilst perusing the photos Twist & Shout yay!

Sooo back to the gear (sorry for the musical diversion !) Heres “kitt”…I was fascinated by this dress…presumably named after Eartha…now Eartha spanned a vast period in time, she was a diva of magnitude!…this dress is definitely a cocktail essential – in the black & silver tones (jewelry by Amerlo Manga for the Vintage Fair)..however..swap it out for…

the pinkish one..and youve got a far more fragile delicate look…in the lighter shades this comes in you can see the exquisite detailing on the peplum waist  a lot clearer, plus the fabric on the bodice really shines through…one thing I did notice with the styling from, the 50’s through to the early 70’s, is it really was a mish mash of looks…hippy chic, swinging 60’s, mods and a few Grace Kelly style hangovers from the 50’s ! Theres much much more than I’ve had time to show here… a vast array of funktastic colours…thanks coldLogic team ❤ (Dont forget the Vintage Fair opens on the 4th August)

coldLogic at the Vintage Fair

coldLogic blog

coldLogic on the market place

Amarelo Manga at the Vintage Fair

Hair by Wasabi Pills & Tram

Skins by Modish & WoW

Decor by Lisp Bazar & POST

Mesh home “Romantic Loft space” by Designer Prims

Wall decals by Wall Candy