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Day at the beach

Nothing beats a grand old day out at the beach does it? Steve and I decided to take it easy this morning..and lounge around…well..steve did while I snapped away and set up my new shed …This is the newwww SF Design group gift…fancy smancy huh? (small group join fee applies, SO worth it)

 For the boys there are these tantalisingly tight swim shorts…they have a slight sheen and fabulousss texturing…also a drawstring at the waist for added effect…for the girls….is this delicate hawaiin style print bikini…almost boy shorts bottom and a halter neck top…now the sooper clever bit is..the towels! They have an AO in them…dead cool…so you can pose around and look awesome…yay! Thanks Swaffette ❤ O.o ! btw…there is a summer sale on at SFD currently…for group members on knitwear items with the blue star ! You buy it and the 50% is paid back to you yay!

Onto my new  shed…I found it on the market place, by Katerina’s Attic & Homes…its only one Linden ! Lovely shabby chic looking building and could really be used for a multitude of things..Ive decided to use it as a boathouse by the shore…perfect for storing all my beach gear in!

SF Design