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Let The Games Begin!

Ok so I admit it…I blubbed last night as I watched the opening ceremony to the Olympic Games…Queeny & Phillip were awesome…did you see the James Bond clip? Gawd the Queen just ROCKS ! Fantastic start…I hope this is a great Olympics, I’m so excited ! Sooo in the spirit of all things British…I found a coupla themed things to share with you..above I have a sooper cute union jack dress…fresh of the market place and free…my bubblegum, which also comes in the Olympic flavour..was a was the bunting…the grungy Union Jack flag was a freebie!

The awesomesauce from HC Creations…LORD this is sooo coolio…Im just showing a FEW of the textures you can play with, it actually contains 33..pillows,bed cover and headboard…all can be customised ! Not only that but…its just seven prims…and has 2×30 Singles and  33 Couple animations….and they are REALLY lovely animations…(I have one of these beds in my home) The poses are cuddly..AND adult *squeee*…can you believe this is just TEN Lindens? Mhmmm it really is ! Go get into the spirit…grab yourself some British cool….and good luck to ALL of the nations participating ❤

Dress by Osome Chrome

HC Creations – bed

Bubble gum & bunting

Union Jack Flag

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Summer Garden Party Hunt

ohlala a new hunt has begun…The Summer Garden Party Hunt…and its all about homes & gardens hooray! Above is the soooperdooper gift from Cleo Design…Cleom is always so very generous with her gifts…and this is no exception…the sofa is verrrry pretty and quaint…it has sixteen friends & single sits packed into it !

You also receive the plant stand…one basket with cherry pie and a hot drink in it…and the sweetest picnic basket with open/close lid..o.O…there is also a tray of steaming hot was quite hard to find…but a jolly good search of the area…and you’ll see it I’m sure..

I also snagged this..wowser…what a gift ! This traditional hedged garden is HUGE…and really beautiful…beds of flowers…each bench has lots of poses in….and of course a sundial in the middle…you might just be able to see there are two little fountains…gorgeousss…take a good wander around the sim…most of the stores have also put out some 10L treats….and a few exclusives…

Summer Garden Party Hunt Blog

Cleo Design (at the Cookie Jar)

::PDN’S Potpourri::

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Colour Coincidence

I am always in search of great branded hair at great offers so when I got the note for this special offer for Gingerbread which contains massive 25 colours for 70Lds  I TPed right over to LOQ  and for 70lds I’m pretty chuffed with every colour from white to black and everything inbetween, a colour for all moods.  But beware, the main body of the hair is a tattoo layer and you may want to try out a shop demo first to see if this is a layer which suits you first, then you have a high bouffant with a pony tail down the back. Board is just inside the door for this BUT popping back to get the LM for you I notice on the other side is a Disconted LOQ hair shop soooo Wooo Hooo I’m off to check that out.

The coincidence is the very first item of clothing I tried on matched the colour of the hair perfectly.  This is a mesh top with a lacy sheer body and this one came with these very glam and yet fun glasses.   There is a selection of clothes with the same Daisy theme so if you want the glasses, with cute little flowers on the rims, then they’re a mere 10lds the rest cost more but you can pick and chose from just the top or skirt or shoes or if you like the whole look then everything in one package which of course works out cheaper in the end.  Did spot a lovely “Kawaii” balloon dress for you to grab right next to the glasses.  All of this is near the entrance on the  “New Wall”  This is a  lovely open BIG shop and I was so tempted by some mesh blouses and they have a good line in coats but I resisted which was hard however I was rewarded because upstairs is a wall of Group Gifts.  The dress below is one of them.

A simple dress but a great colour to it. The belt is a lovely finishing touch and has a script to allow you to resize which was a doddle.  I was also rather taken with a simple but great coloured shirt and a very bright and floral hat and dress set.  The radio is also a group gift which not only can you copy but also resize and just for fun in my mouth is a chain with my front door key on it.

ArisAris (clothes and radio)


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Hello Girls

Three skins….all are just 1 of your Linden Dollars…all from [[Lissee]]..The group is free join at the moment..but it isn’t get in now and grab up the goodies…you will want to keep these babies…drop dead gorgeous…perfect summer-time skin tone…and lovely naughty bits *grin*…prolly the shortest blog I have ever done , BUT…I have a waxing appointment and need too flyyyyy !


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Bitter Pill to Swallow

See what I did there? huh huh? The store is called Bitter Vanilla…and the gift they have out for the Rebels Play ground Hunt is…ohh neverrrmind ! Sooo I love little bits & pieces to dot around my home…makes it just that little more realistic no? Absolutely LOVE this little medical chest..whats even better isss…it is lowww prim…well and free…youre looking for an old tricycle for the gift..and if I found it….its REALLY easy *winks*

Bitter Vanilla

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Its not all about Pirates – honest!

I know its naughty..but Iam often swayed by the name of a store before I even get there? Ones with a Z substituted for a S…or…anything using the word “Bish”…I know I know…but usually…if I do drop off my high horse and go see…its just not my kinda thing…anywayyyy…I had seen this store in the bloggers groups…called “Pirate Arts” , and straight away decided it wasnt for moi…oh noo….WRONG! Id just assumed it was all about Pirates…longjohns and parrots ….duh. Soo long story short…I went to see..and ohmaiiii…look what I found…these deeelish ankle boots…

and these shoes….anddd….

these mesh skinny jeans and a gorgeousss baggy mesh sweater…have to say the mesh jeans are just fahhhbulous..the colour varies in the different sizes…would look lovely with stilettos , flats or like I’m wearing them..barefeet. The group is free join…which is handy as ALL of the above items are group gifts hurrah! There are ooodles of group gifts on the right hand side of the store as you walk in…try everything…its a fantastic way to sample before you buy…

Pirate Arts

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bikini babe

Gawd its sooo hot here at the moment…and YES, I have actually broke out my bikini in real life ! CandyMetal have another first for me today…a MESH bikini…mmhmm…a few pretties to choose from…and this butterfly effect one lured me awayyyy from my usual addiction to pink, crikey. I totally love how it fits and moves…and will find it hard to wear layer bikinis again to be honest…I had a feeling mesh swimwear might not be sooooo great…I was wrong!

o.O also…there is a great 10L offer on this little outfit at the store..light denim…racey split sides…and a tube top to cover the nipplage! Thanks Emychan ❤