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Do the Dash

With the Olympics having started over the weekend, can you think of any more perfect a time than now for SF Design to have a pair of sport shoes for us for Monday Mania?

These are not just any old sport shoes either. No, not at all, these sport shoes look pretty awesome. I’m loving the mix of blue colours and the white stitching goes perfectly with them. The texture on the shoes overall is fantastic as well and while I’m not a huge fan of velcro strapped shoes (not any kind of fan really) I can’t hold them against these shoes because they do look cool. They are super easy to fit as well with the inbuilt resizer script so you won’t have any hassles in that area and you’ll be zooming up and down the track in no time flat.

As always these shoes will only cost you L$25, an Olympic-sized bargain, for today only. You can pick these up at that price from the Monday Mania board which is located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section.

Get the gear here: SF Design