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Sakide Rudiess

Proof positive that sending out notices of new designs works because as soon as I got this note I grabbed my remaining Lindens and TPed.  I love a little bit of boob flashing and yes this is how you are suposed to wear it but for those with more modesty than me you can of course team it up with a top because although the main skirt is mesh the straps are not and you get a choice of all 3 layers.  You also get a pair of socks with an old fashioned gaitors holding them up and they do suit this outfit really well and with a choice of 3 colours you can use them to finish off other outfits.  And the price? a more than reasonable 120Lds.

As soon as you enter the shop ignore all the goodies and zoom in on the back corner because there you will find some LBs and 2 MMs  and once you’ve scanned to make sure your initial isn’t there then you can have a leasurely time checking out all 16 Gatchas and then all  3 floors of really nice unfussy, great textured, with attutude, Sassy Kitty clothes and if you have a lot of SL time to kill the top floor is devoted to Camping Chairs.