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Let The Games Begin!

Ok so I admit it…I blubbed last night as I watched the opening ceremony to the Olympic Games…Queeny & Phillip were awesome…did you see the James Bond clip? Gawd the Queen just ROCKS ! Fantastic start…I hope this is a great Olympics, I’m so excited ! Sooo in the spirit of all things British…I found a coupla themed things to share with you..above I have a sooper cute union jack dress…fresh of the market place and free…my bubblegum, which also comes in the Olympic flavour..was a was the bunting…the grungy Union Jack flag was a freebie!

The awesomesauce from HC Creations…LORD this is sooo coolio…Im just showing a FEW of the textures you can play with, it actually contains 33..pillows,bed cover and headboard…all can be customised ! Not only that but…its just seven prims…and has 2×30 Singles and  33 Couple animations….and they are REALLY lovely animations…(I have one of these beds in my home) The poses are cuddly..AND adult *squeee*…can you believe this is just TEN Lindens? Mhmmm it really is ! Go get into the spirit…grab yourself some British cool….and good luck to ALL of the nations participating ❤

Dress by Osome Chrome

HC Creations – bed

Bubble gum & bunting

Union Jack Flag