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Boxes of Candy

Boxers or briefs? An age-old question that almost every man gets asked at some point in time. For me, the answer is definitely boxers hands down, whether it be in Second Life and First.

As you’d expect then, I have my fair share of pairs but this release from CandyMetal is the first time I’ve gotten my hands on some mesh boxers and let me tell you that these are definitely my kind of underwear. The texture on the mesh looks fantastic and the mesh itself is umm… bulge-y… in all the right places if you get my drift. There are some cool colours to choose from in these boxer shorts, but I went with good old basic black. There are also three different styles with each colour, with plenty of size options, that makes for one large package of awesomeness.

Each pack will cost you L$350 but as I just explained, they are loaded packs indeed so it’s absolutely money well spent. Head on down and get you some. Thanks Roshi!

Get the gear here: CandyMetal