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Stock Swap

The super awesome Mens Dept has swapped out its stock again (it happened a while ago actually, I’ve been slow). As usual there are some amazing bargains to be had from some equally amazing designers. Loosening my purse strings, I grabbed a few to show you.

When I saw Belleza had one of their skins there, I couldn’t very well go past that now could I? This skin is a special edition Ewan and as you can see, it’s a very handsome skin indeed. A very strong, intelligent face and a great-looking, defined torso. It’s really well done and if you’d like a better look at the fabulous details, you can see it in its glory in my post from Monday because I’m wearing it there as well.

The mesh pocket polo shirt is courtesy of [Sleepy Eddy] and is just fantastic. Check out the texture on that, you can definitely feel the roughness of it right? The buttons, the pocket, all the other details are cool and it fit me perfectly. There are five sizes of the mesh for guys and five sizes of a female version as well!

They may be a little hard to see in this picture, but the eyes I’m wearing are also on sale at the Mens Dept. They are made by the tremendous eye-maker Poetic Colours (just about all my eyes come from there) and they are just beautifully realistic. You have to zoom in on yourself when you get these, check out the details such as reflections on the surfaces and slight red tinges at the corners – gorgeous.

There is  a host of other fantastic items on sale at the Mens Dept so fill your wallets guys and head on down before they bring in the next load of awesomeness.

Get the gear here: The Mens Dept.