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Show a little leg



=Blue Slush= has a coupla new items that I thought you might just be interested in…cause you knowww how we love our boots hmm? So, there’s boots..thigh high…in each colour pack you get two versions..the block colour..and  also a pair with a net look…fab huh?! I’m wearing the new lace boyshorts and bra above , along with the white mesh thigh highs…I freakin LOVE these boots…gorgeous details on them …



Had to try another colour of the lingerie andddd the boots… red & yellow is SO juicy…This time I wore the netted version of the boots…voila! There are seven diff colours of the boots to choose from…and at 150L  a affordabubble…the lingerie comes in seven varieties too and is only 99L per set…thanks blu ❤

=Blue Slush=