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Kal in a Candyshop

Don’t you just love it when you put something new on and right away you just know it’s going to be one of your favourites? I won’t call it love at first sight or anything like that but wow, I have some great gear to show you tonight that I love and I reckon you guys shall too.

First things first is the awesome new mesh gear from Candymetal: the tanktop and  jeans. The tank is available in different designs but I had to go with one of the skull patterns for this shot, way hard to pick though as they all look awesome. The mesh itself has a great texture and there are five sizes to choose from (I’m wearing medium and it’s perfect). As good as the tanktop is, I’ve got to give it to the jeans though as they are just amazing. The creases and shading on the mesh are brilliant and they fit so well without looking too baggy or hanging off your hips. There are many different styles you can buy, either light or dark denim (they both look cool), ripped or normal and belted or not. I can’t see how you can not buy more than just one of these, it’s a tough choice.

The second bit of newness I’ve got to show is this skin I’ve been wearing in the above pictures. If you haven’t guessed from its sheer awesomeness, it’s from Akeruka, called Kal V2. I’m wearing the natural shade with the full beard facial hair version. I was talking to Faith and told her that this is probably my favourite skin that Akeruka have released (so far). The detail on the body is great as always, nicely defined musculature without going overboard but the face is what does it for me with Kal. It’s got that perfect mixture of cool and masculine, a face that would be at home in a suit just as easily as strutting about topless with jeans. As always with Akeruka skins, there are a range of other skin tones to choose from which look super.

The Candymetal tanktop and jeans will set you back L$100 and L$150 respectively and the Kal skin from Akeruka is L$1800. I think these are awesome prices for items this good, you guys should definitely head down to the stores and check them out up close for yourselves, I think you’ll agree. Thanks Roshi, emychan and Kaoz!

Get the gear here:
Tanktop & Jeans: CandyMetal
Skin: Akeruka