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Bonne Chance=Sweetness and light and a bit of sauce

Bonne Chance has done it again! The Margaret Blouse which  on the surface looks like a simple cream lace top however if you look at the sleeves you can see that this is in fact a decadent sheer top.  Ruffled neckline, eleasticated waist and slightly puffy sleeves and such a pretty soft buttery cream.  This is sheer without being tarty but for those who don’t want to flash the flesh then it comes with an underbra, however if people wanted to zoom that hard on you then you may as well give them something to admire.  I chose this cream colour but you have a choice of 6 patterns altogether and at a mere 110lds a bargain. Mesh and worn without an Alpha.

And then I found this Sweet Cotton Candy mesh skirt.  So happy with it.  As soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it.  So pretty, so chintz and rosy and just so sweet without being sickly or childish.  Lovely deep folds and a big bow at the waist and again at As you can see teamed with one of the vest tops that are inc, pink or ivory and 2 different layers, it looks so sweet and pretty.   Worst thing is they have a choice of 11 colours and patterns and I want them all.  Priced at 130lds again just so reasonable.

Now for FREENESS…They have their latest group gift out which is an adorable PJ set, also 4 other group gifts with an excellent hair bow. and then if you don’t mind paying a few lindens then on a shelf for 10lds you can have a new skin or 2 or a pretty dress or shoes etc and of course you could just loiter and slap one of the LBs if you have time to kill.

Bonne Chance

Now a complete reccomendation.  Come visit not only to check out the shop but they have so kindly turned the whole sim over to a place to relax and chillax in.  A lovely little bakery and a small home are open for people to sit and chat without feeling as though they want you to leave.  So walk outside rezz a tandem and ride along the rutted country road to the bakery and if you do and you love the latest group gift but you don’t want to join the group then you can find a 10ld copy of it in the bedroom over the bakery.  This is just a lovely sim to visit as you can see in the pictures I have used.