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Cocktails & Corsets

What a delicious combination. First is the corset which is from one of the best corset shops in SL.  I have blogged their corsets before because they provide sizes from the small to those  those whos’ bosoms enter a room before their body does.  Have to say and this doesn’t happen often for me but I felt the need to wear my clevage layer with this item because it simply lends itself to making your waist tiny and your boob busty.  New range and it comes with the great lacing at the back and tied lace details, decorative panels down the front and that clevage showing cut front. However the choices of colours patterns and corsets in this large shop is outstanding.   Blossom Clevage Corset is this ones name and  priced at 275Lds and I think ALL of their corsets are well worth the money(but check out their MP as they have some great bargains on there as well).   Popped back in because I can’t believe I forgot to mention that they also have corset accessories AND just for our lovely Steve a sexy corset for a man….if only he would.


The other part of this deliciousness is the location.  What a find, a lovely Lady called  Rug Halberd has set up a seedy, classy, naughty, cheeky, club.  Such attention to the poses is excellent even the scattered undies have amazingly great AOs to them.  I hasten to point out that this isn’t an ADULT club but definately in the mature category. If you like taking photos if you love to dance, grind and pose either for yourself or a loved one then this is the place for you.  And remember she may have done this for love and not money but if you check out behind the bar, ignore the spider, then there is a tip jar.  I think once you see what this club has to offer you too will want to tip her.

Rugs Boom Boom Blue

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