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Arm(ed) chair and a new home

You know how it is you see something that you really really want and you then have to hunt down the designer and hope they have a shop and then hope they have it for sale in that shop and usually it ends up that it’s a one off and they don’t sell it so imagine my little happy dance when not only did I find the chair but it’s FREEEEEEE…weeee…  Now I can understand to a lot of people sitting on a chair that has very realistic human arms and legs is a bit freaky but sitting on someone in this case is pretty good because the sitting AOs are fresh, new and suit the chair so well.  4 prims and copyable and then icing on the cake is the same box contains another really good chair in a different style and a table to match.  This isn’t a furniture shop it is infact a petrol heads delight so if the smell of oil is to your taste come check it out.

19 Motorcycle

And then back to Cheeky Pea.  Now I’m a CP VIP which means you have a fee to pay but the way I look at it if I pay to join a group when I have no Lindens left I still get the occasional suprises and CP has gone and made my day.  A skybox called “It’s easy being green” which is such good quality.  A small compact skyhome which reflects the growing trend to downsize in RL but it lacks nothing! a small sideroom with 2 doorways, 2 sky lights and excellent shadows and textures and shades and at 14 Prims I have no idea of how they have managed to do it! But it’s a VIP group gift so give it a thought and if you do join then wear your tag and look in the group notices and it’s there just waiting for you.

Cheeky Pea

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Thats what friends are for

I’m a very fortunate girly…in that I have a few really close friends..of many years within SecondLife…they are what makes my Second Life worth having…Steve, is one of them….we’ve known each other for hmm a little over nine years online in one venue or another….he is my guy buddy….we can sit and say nothing…sit and yap..put the world to  rights…or just laugh about silly stuff….we’re also known to sit watching YouTube clips of adverts we find hilariously amusing  ! Anywayyyy…..yesterday we were trying to install a teleport for a resident….going up and dowwwwn….over and over…I thought he was paying attention to the matter in hand…BUT..what he was really doing was looking at the skirt I’m wearing above on the market place. He had seen it in tee*fy’s store…and was trying to work out what colour & pattern to get, to surprise me ! Its called the “skater skirt” and it’s just so feminine…he did well to choose the pink floral  one..cause I adore it…thank you Stevie xx If you like my new skin..its by al vulo..”yulia-dream of midnight” and is an incredible 90L at the new grunge soul project…go grab it up….totally deeelicious ! Top is called ellis and is by the totally fab coldLogic team…Im wearing it in the coffee tone…

Tee*fy market place store

Al vulo @ the grunge soul project

coldLogic mainstore

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Group gift & new releases – purrrrrrr

Hurrah! B&T Mesh Studio has some newness to share….First up is these scrummy mesh Military olive green shorts…superb fit and nice detailing …teamed up with another bundle of newness the Golden Dragon mesh tee…really lovely dragon motif on the front of this….would also look fantabulous with jeans…uhm…I have to admit I clung onto Steves bootstraps and copied him….I just HAD to go get those Muism boots that are currently in the Make Him over 2 hunt…I had a sneaky suspiscion that they would fit chicks also..and I was right ..yippeee! *squirm* also….one more admission..I actually couldnt find the hunt gift…sooooo my darling friend Talena Carissa rode in to help me…goddammm she found them in under 2 minutes! Well worth the hassle factor though…they look awesome huh?

Next we have some pretttttty floral mesh jeans from B&T..dark background with various hues of red & pink roses allllllllll over….I think theyd look cracking with a fresh pure white shirt no?

Kept you waiting for the gift … It really couldnt be anymore perfect if it tried….its mesh-score 1….its got a kittycat on the front score 2 yay! Lotsa sizes for you…even on the back the kittycat motif appears…I adore it …head over to claim your pussycat tee and check out the new goodies…grab demos that are freely available..<3 Thankyou BabyLee & Tommi xx

B&T Mesh Studio


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A Quick Coffee

If you’ll cast your memory back a little while ago I blogged a truly fantastic, colour changing Military Jacket which was a hunt gift from Kauna. Well I couldn’t help myself and had to go back. There is a fantastic range of mesh items up for grabs – shoes, jeans and coats – all of which look as good as the item I finally settled on to show you all. I chose this blazer in a gorgeous coffee colour and it looks brilliant. This can easily be worn with jeans for a casual look like I have or team it with some dress pants and go formal. The details on this blazer are superb: the creases around the elbows, the buttons on the cuffs and middle – all done so well. The mesh comes in 3 different sizes and I found the medium to fit perfectly.

This blazer costs L$249 and I think it’s most definitely worth it. You should head on down to Kauna and check out what they have to offer. Oh and by the way, if you don’t like surprises, you can also buy a version of that Retro Military Jacket with a colour change HUD included now so you can pick what colour you want.

Get the gear here: Kauna

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Working out

Phewww it was scorching hot in the gym today…and so SL mirrors RL yet again…cause here I am modelling the Monday Mania item from SF Design…its workout wear….nab yourself some great gear, and its truly GREAT gear!

For your 25L you will get this bright royal blue tracksuit set..including cropped top…long tank..shorty shorts and long track pants, big haul for your pennies huh?. This set is only available today from the Monday Mania board, located inside the womens dept…thanks Swaffette ❤

SF Design

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Blanket Heaven

In all my years in SL I have never found a Hammock that doesn’t make you look as though your “planking” that is until now this hammock is simply the best I’ve found.  As you can see from the picture my AV is snuggled up so nicely.  All of the poses and there is a total of 21 single poses and 9 couple poses. Lovely textures to the fabrics and the netting and chain.  Shabby Chic lovelyness.  550Lds for what I consider to be the best hammock ever and at only 11 prims so reasonable.  You can pay a little bit extra 600lds (for tent and table) and get a table that matches with a tea pot, 2 mugs and a pile of magazines for 10 prims.

For those of you who are waiting for payday, aren’t we all, or prim counting then check out the matching Blanket Tent.  Same fabrics, similar poses but you get “12 animations for 2 AVs (2 sets of 6)” which basically means you can sit comfortably on your own or with a friend.  Priced at a very reasonable 125 lindens and an excellent 3prims and that includes the lights inside and the cushions! . Both are so low prim and so pretty I’m keeping them both out on my land yes if your wondering that is a Wind Turbine in the background I have a secret, that Wind Turbine is actually running SL or thats what it feels like sometimes.

Time to check out CheekyPea because they’ve had a little revamp and now have their furniture set up in boxes, very cute.

Cheeky Pea

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Pre-Grand Opening special deal !

Sooo I have some BIG news…A new store is opening on the 1st July….called “Lovely Designs”, owned by Talena Carissa…and to get the partay started…there is a fab complete outfit on offer for just 99L ! Here I am lapping up the sun outside the new store, before you get shopping you might want to enjoy the vista…drop dead gorgeous, with its sparkling water, crashing waves, and mountain views …

Onto the outfit…what do you get for your ninety-nine lindens hmm? Welll a gorgy pair of grey denim shorts…and a darling mesh tank/tee…now you might have seen this style around lately…however….this is hand painted by Talena, with all its spots & splodges and a beautiful butterfly in the middle…have to say..Ive tried a few of this style on before and they just didn’t seem to fit me properly….THIS one comes in five sizes, plussss for the more modest amongst us, a bandeau tube top to wear underneath…..

and if that wasnt enough….you also get the newwwww shoooz! They are calledd Catalina.. they alone are worth more than 200L…so this is a great chance to grab them up at a bargain price…if youre familiar with Talena’s previous work (Pink Label) you will have come to expect all the bells & whistles plus some…and yes…these have them…new HUD thats sooper easy to use…and ohmai… the options ! The pearls around the ankle can be changed..the metal can be changed… and W-O-W the pedicure selection is HUGE ! I had no trouble at all matching my skin…dead simples….and a perfect fit…I suggest you join the group while youre there…a fee will apply at a later stage…at the moment I believe its free…thanks Talena ❤

Lovely Designs