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Cold Melons

Drat I missed the Secret Wednesday offer but the name of the shop, Vextra Fashion, rang a bell and a rummage through my invent dug up this cute and sweet little bather deccorated with juicy melon slices, hence the bad pun, AND it’s still on for a special offer of 1ld.  You have to go upstairs and on the windowsill is pile of items on offer and this little sweetheart is there.  However I never just grab the goodies and run I always have a good look around and this is a shop with a bit of everything from clothes to AOs and I have to say I’m impressed with the artwork.  I’m glad I had a good look around as I saw a smoking gift box which has one the the Banadage dresses in it so that was a real nice suprise.

Vextra Fashion