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Group gift & new releases – purrrrrrr

Hurrah! B&T Mesh Studio has some newness to share….First up is these scrummy mesh Military olive green shorts…superb fit and nice detailing …teamed up with another bundle of newness the Golden Dragon mesh tee…really lovely dragon motif on the front of this….would also look fantabulous with jeans…uhm…I have to admit I clung onto Steves bootstraps and copied him….I just HAD to go get those Muism boots that are currently in the Make Him over 2 hunt…I had a sneaky suspiscion that they would fit chicks also..and I was right ..yippeee! *squirm* also….one more admission..I actually couldnt find the hunt gift…sooooo my darling friend Talena Carissa rode in to help me…goddammm she found them in under 2 minutes! Well worth the hassle factor though…they look awesome huh?

Next we have some pretttttty floral mesh jeans from B&T..dark background with various hues of red & pink roses allllllllll over….I think theyd look cracking with a fresh pure white shirt no?

Kept you waiting for the gift … It really couldnt be anymore perfect if it tried….its mesh-score 1….its got a kittycat on the front score 2 yay! Lotsa sizes for you…even on the back the kittycat motif appears…I adore it …head over to claim your pussycat tee and check out the new goodies…grab demos that are freely available..<3 Thankyou BabyLee & Tommi xx

B&T Mesh Studio