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In the Swim

Scored not only a 1ld goodie but a total of 832 choices!!!! Seriously  a whole Marketplace store of 832 bikinis and even some full avatar packs for a single Linden.  I’ve grabbed myself a whole bunch of them and they stand up so well to my much more expensive bikinis and swim wear.  She has a design to suit anyones taste from the more conservative and retro look to the postage stamp sized incy wincy ones.  Great colour choices as well.  A few items of clothing and as I said full AV packs for a Linden and she doesn’t stint on the contents as you can see from this list…

❀2 skins – with natural breasts and cleavage options (copy)
❀2 shapes – one is modifiable (copy, mod)
❀Eyes (copy)
❀Tan lines in tattoo, underpants, undershirt layers (copy)
❀ Hoop earrings (copy, mod)
❀ Bra top (copy)
❀ MiniDenim Shorts (copy)
❀ Eyebrow shape (copy)
❀ Eyelashes (mod, copy)
❀ Facelight