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I joined the harem

ArisAris have a newwww release…and its something I’ve been meaning to try out for a while now but hadn’t seen any I totally loved..and then…I received this outfit from Ariadna Garrigus, the designer at ArisAris….and boy-oh-boy was I ever blown away ! Hmm where to start…welllllll the fabrics are a joy…rich designs…beautiful colours…

move onto  the shape…the harem pants are a dream to wear…various sizes in the box xs fitted me perfectly… they seem to move so fluidly…and I SO love the bandeau styled top, it has the option of resizer scripts or modify, which is handydandy! At the back are two ties for the top, both ending in a plump tassled cord…I Love !  There are a few different colour option –   go take a peek…thanks Ariadna ❤