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A Good Shave

I’m loving the Mens Dept. Every month it seems there’s something – and more often than not somethings – awesome to grab at superb prices.

The pick of the litter this month is without doubt this brilliant DeWitt Shaving Set from POST. This is an amazingly detailed set that would look just perfect in any man’s bathroom. The marble top of the table is gorgeous and equally good-looking are the little items that sit atop it, such as the shaving bowl, aftershave and straight razor along with the fresh, clean towels that sit waiting for you underneath the table. The shaving mirror not only looks great but it serves another function as well. If you touch it, it gives you a straight razor which you wear to play a cool shaving animation, the perfect capper to this set.

I’ll say it again: the Mens Dept is absolutely worth paying a visit to.  The prices are so good and there’s always something cool to grab, with new items appearing each month. Head on down there today!

Get the gear here: The Mens Dept

POST Mainstore