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Your own private island…for free !

I found this on the market place yesterday..and as you all know I adore wearable things..your very own tropical island…wear it anywhere ! Its has a sandy beach…with sandcastles, a ball, even some tiny yellow duckies swimming in the pond at your feet..the cabana is deeeelightful with its baby pink cushions and stool for your feet…perfect after a hard days shopping !  You wont need any prims or even any land..just rock up…wear your island et voila! By June Trenkins…and free on the market place..thanks June ❤

June Trenkins wearable island gift

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Follow the Sun

Guys, the weekend has come extremely early this Monday so get ready to hit the beach SF Design’s Monday Mania release: the Beach Boy outfit.

Yes, that’s right, you heard me. I said outfit. Today you can score this fantastic set consisting of a t-shirt and shorts for just L$25. I have to say I got a kick out of standing outside taking pictures in this über Summery gear considering we’ve only got like 3 days until Winter starts here…ah you have to love the magic of Second Life. Anyway, as I was saying – very Summer gear this is. Both the board shorts and tee have a lovely floral pattern on them that goes really well with the yellow colour. The shirt is really well fitted, I like the way it clings to your torso and it comes on all layers as well. The boardshorts feature sculpted cuffs in two versions: one with a scripted resizer and one without. Personally, I didn’t have to edit them one little bit. You also get a cute little drawstring attachment for the shorts which finish off the look brilliantly.

As I mentioned earlier, this set is an absolute steal at L$25. Remember that you can only get it at this special price for today only from the Monday Mania board located just inside the SF Design casual men’s section. Pick ’em up and hit the beach boys!

Get the gear here: SF Design

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Monday rolls in

Like a bad penny..Monday is here…dont fret though..cause the one bright spot on the horizon is Monday Mania ! I’ve got two distinct looks for you..first up is SF Design’s leather booty shorts and cropped top…rock chick yeahhh! I teamed it up with this absolutely stunning necklace, bangle & earings from n @ n @ , Love it !

Then a more sedate look…this bright red classically styled mesh dress is from Serenity Fashion. Simple yet elegant no? My bag was a real find from DUH..just 20L and you get silver and gold options for the chain, plus hand or shoulder versions!  Worn with a beautiful jewelry set from Beloved…the “chandelier set”, comprises earings & necklace

…as last week, this designer treats you royally…you can buy either item for 35L  orrrr the set complete for just 50L – guys, please note, this jewelry set is transferable..sooo…treat your ladies!

  All these items are Monday Mania, with the exception of the bag, and will be priced from between 25-50L, for Monday only !

SF Design

n @ n @

Beloved Jewelry



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Romp around

I’m sooo loving this new craze with romper suits…sooper cute…and verrrry of the moment..DeColores has a few of these out at the moment, in various patterns & colours..I plumped for this muted purpley and blue combo…nicely made and the tiny bow for the front is a lovely touch…popped over to the store and noticed a couple of group gifts on the is free join yay! Btw…my hair is a gift from Truth called “Jessie”..its mesh and I ❤ it squillions..join the subscribo and look in the history to get it…(all colours included in the box *squeee*)



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Stepping into summer already?

Well here in jolly old England we sure are..sizzzly hot all weekend…phew… G&N Quality Design have the perfect outfit to soak up his unexpected sunshine..its called “Cara” and I so so SO love it…such  sweet little floral mesh dress…a floppy sunhat to keep the freckles at bay…also a pair of sneakers ! The cost? Its free..not sure how long this will be available dash over and grab it up while you can..Looked to be a great have a mooch…

G&N Quality Design

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Love my lips

Always right on the mark for Arisaris…this set is just out, called “I love my lips”…self striped leggings/Capri pants..a big ole belt..and a really cute mesh tank. The tank has an open pink lipped mouth split open across your torso…smexeh ! Easy little set to slip into..go check it out.. join the group while you’re there and help yourself to a few group gifties…


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Cool Blondie

This will shock both Faith and Steve because for once I have gone all blonde but I simply thought that this lovely cool summery dress simply deserved to be topped off with an equally cool hair colour.  It is called Hibiscus and only for 2 weeks can you get it at the promotion price of 99lds.  Comes with matching mesh clogs and mesh skirt, different sizes in skirt, clogs, shoes and belt means a fit for everyone.  Shoes and skirt are mesh so it also comes with 3 choices of Alphas to suit.  OH I almost forgot this outfit has it’s cheeky rudy side to it because it comes with a yellow bra  which you can see in the picture but for those with a little bit of nerve without it you can flash your boobies at the boys or girls.

You can pick this up from the marketplace if you can’t make it inworld