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Have a Seat

Generally I’m not much on furniture collecting, I usually leave that in the capable hands of others. I just don’t really trust my own taste when it comes to home decorations. So, when Faith told me that .:Karma:. had a brilliant piece of furniture out for a group gift, I was pretty sure it would be good as she knows what she’s talking about.

Turns out that she was 100% right about this chair. After I joined the group, I snapped this up and took a look. It’s called the ‘Gentlemans Lounge Chair’ and it is pretty super. It’s part mesh so you’ll need a mesh enabled viewer to bask in its goodness. It comes with 3 male sitting animations and is suitably decorated with a newspaper and a glass of beer. Seriously, you can’t get much in the way of the perfect guy’s chair if you ask me. Aside from its wonderful male appeal, it really is a well made piece of furniture. The textures just look clean and smooth, which is just my kind of decor.

If you guys are interested in getting hold of this awesome chair, I’d be fast getting down to .:Karma:. as it will no longer be a gift soon. If you do miss out however, I’d still join the group as the new month will bring new gifts and if they’re as good as this, then you’re guaranteed to be pleased.

Get the gear here: .:Karma:.